How I Beat Writer’s Block

The deadline looms, the clock is ticking … and the screen is still blank.

That feeling of desperation can feel impossible to overcome. Writers will share all kinds of methods for “beating the block.” Here’s what works for me:

Go for a walk. It’s quick, easy and free, and it can jumpstart creativity in surprising ways. Even just a quick stroll around the block can do the trick. It gets the blood flowing and, more important, it keeps my mind off the job at hand. I leave my phone in my pocket and let my mind wander. If my deadline, to-do list or other stressful thoughts pop up, I just allow them to pass.

Put pen to paper. After my walk, I pick up a pen and paper. Staring at a blank computer screen can bring the pressure right back—the exact opposite of what I need. Instead, the physical act of writing on paper the old-fashioned way gives me the freedom to cross-out, rewrite, rearrange, scribble and doodle without the glare of autocorrect. It doesn’t take long for the first sentence to emerge, and then the rest just flows!

How do you get past writer’s block?


By Jolinda Cappello, a Senior Editor with TalentMEDIA Services. You can reach her at

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