Vector TalentMEDIA is now TalentMEDIA Services

TalentMEDIA—the publishing and communications arm of Vector Talent Resources—is excited to announce that we will be stepping out on our own as a new company, TalentMEDIA Services!

In January 2017, we joined Vector when CEO Marc Berman decided to expand the company’s high-end staffing and placement offerings by acquiring the staffing and outsourcing components of a 40-year-old publishing and communications firm. While the staffing arm of the firm fell right into place with Vector’s already robust staffing model, TalentMEDIA’s outsourcing services have been somewhat hidden under the staffing umbrella.

Our new group will still be a part of the Vector family, but by becoming our own business entity, we can open up the doors for more growth and position TalentMEDIA to be more competitive in the field.

The existing team and business model will remain the same, so our current clients will not see any disruption to services being provided.

For those who don’t know us, the TalentMEDIA team brings with it over 40 years of history and experience supporting a variety of distinguished organizations—each with different communications needs. Our services include the following:

  • Copyediting, substantive editing, and proofreading
  • Indexing and abstracting
  • Graphic design
  • Desktop publishing, layout, and formatting
  • Print management
  • 508 compliance
  • Web design, programming, and maintenance


The TalentMEDIA team has worked on thousands of projects covering a full range of print and digital deliverables, including everything from magazines, newsletters, books, journals, guides, and annual reports to websites, slide presentations, and media kits. This is where we excel—from concept to execution, we are experts at the creation, design, and organization of materials that contain a variety of engaging content and graphics. By successfully managing these components, we design communications materials that get read, motivate action, generate revenue, maintain a long shelf life, and truly move audiences.


To learn more about how TalentMEDIA can meet your needs, contact Mary Bruzzese, president and director of editorial services, at, or Johanna Daproza, director of creative services, at