The 2019 Pantone Color of the Year

Each year, I’m curious to see which color Pantone picks as its Color of the Year. Colors surround us; they can even influence some of our day-to-day choices without us realizing. Each year, a few colors, for whatever reason—maybe because of popular fashion, TV commercials, or home products—become more popular than others.

The 2019 Pantone Color of the Year is Pantone 16-1546 Living Coral. I love it! It’s a bright, almost fluorescent pink with warm undertones. It reminds me of Miami Beach and the 1980s.

I live in Maryland. It’s on the East Coast, so it’s winter right now. The past few months have been mostly cold and dreary, with the occasional snow/ice day sprinkled in. Living Coral reminds me that spring and summer are right around the corner! Soon vibrant flowers will be in full bloom and we’ll be seeing floral dresses, Bermuda shorts, and seersucker and linen suits. So be on the lookout for Living Coral! You’ll probably see it in more than just flowerbeds. I suspect it’ll gain popularity at your local paint shop. It’ll probably be used in housewares and in various home designs. And I’m certain that clothes racks at all the local department stores will be using it as their pop of color. But it would take someone with real confidence to wear an article of clothing, like a jacket or a pair of pants, in this color!

If you love Living Coral as much as I do, you can purchase products to highlight the color in your life every day.


Written by Johanna Daproza, Creative Director at Vector TalentMEDIA. For more information about how TalentMEDIA’s design team can help you, contact Johanna at


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