Quick Tip for Better Writing: Drop “There Is”

There is one simple change that can make your writing more dynamic.

Wait, let’s try that again:

One simple change can make your writing more dynamic.

See the difference?

Starting a sentence with “there is” or “there are” slows the pace of your writing. What’s more, this sentence structure buries the most important part of your message (in this case, “one simple change”) behind “filler” words most readers will skip past.

Compare the sentences in these examples:

Example 1:

There is a test that students need to pass before they can graduate.

Students need to pass a test before they can graduate.

Example 2:

There are three secret ingredients that will make your brownies shine.

Three secret ingredients will make your brownies shine.


If you often find yourself writing “there is” and “there are,” these quick edits may help make your writing shine!


By Jolinda Cappello, a Senior Editor with TalentMEDIA Services. You can reach her at jolinda@talentmediaservices.com.


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