Positivity in the Workplace

People get wrapped up in deadlines, quotas, to-do lists, and having every new project be the next one that could make or break them. The bottom line is that work can be stressful. A healthy, easy way to keep stress down and negative thoughts out is to start looking at the brighter side of things. Promoting positivity in the workplace can benefit you and your company in multiple ways. Being more positive at work will help you become more satisfied with your job and become a happier person altogether.


As individuals we strive to become happier and we do things that we think will get us there. Most of us grew up being taught that if we work harder, we will become successful and therefore become happy. However, this can turn into a vicious cycle of never being able to reach happiness. Once you reach your goal, you strive for a new one; when you get the promotion you wanted, you to try harder for the next one; or you work on a project only to find another one waiting for you. All of these are never-ending and therefore never let you get to the next step of happiness. Changing the mindset and starting out positive will, in turn, change your motivation and end up helping you reach the next steps faster. Looking at the positive side in the beginning will cause you to become happier in your work toward the reward, instead of thinking happiness comes only after you reach the reward itself. You can adapt to see stressors as challenges rather than as threats. Positivity at work has been shown to increase productivity and innovation.


Becoming more optimistic will make it easier to communicate and get along with others in the workplace. People gravitate toward those who make them feel welcomed and warm. If you are putting out only negative thoughts and signals, those around you will start to not only avoid you but see you in that negative light. It is easier to bounce ideas off and work with others who are enjoying what they are doing and spread those feelings around. In turn, you can become a positive role model for others to follow. Successful people build others up, inspiring and encouraging them to succeed as well, whereas unsuccessful people complain, blame, and judge one another. Workers who feel they are being praised and valued work harder and raise their own spirits to help their coworkers.


In the end, it all starts with you. You are the only one who can change your attitude about how you feel each day and how you perceive the events around you. Promote positivity in your workplace by setting the example. Think of what you are grateful for—whether it be your job, your success, or your teammates—and as you go through your day remember your gratitude for what you have now. That will make it easier to move toward your goals.