Editorial Services

We offer substantive editing, copyediting, light copyediting, editing to grade level, and proofreading. All editorial projects are assigned to a primary editor and then reviewed by a second editor who checks that the document reads smoothly and that no errors have been introduced.

Proofreading includes review of a single copy (or comparing live files against dead files) for typographical errors and format errors. This option is best for material that has been copyedited and is close to being a final product. Clients often ask us to do a final readthrough of a document that is ready to go out the door. This step catches any last-minute errors that may occur in the final formatting rounds.
Light Copyediting

Light copyediting means we correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation; eliminate inconsistencies in capitalization, compounding, number style, and abbreviations; and edit to a particular style, either the client’s or a standard style manual such as Chicago or GPO. A light copyedit is often requested when the client wants the material to be free of errors and in the correct style but needs the tone and voice to remain unchanged.


Copyediting includes light copyediting plus rewording for clarity and applying a consistent style to the footnotes and bibliography. We regularly copyedit complex research papers that need to adhere to style and citation rules.

Substantive Editing

Substantive editing includes copyediting tasks plus rewriting awkward sentences, eliminating redundancies, writing transitions, and adding heads and subheads. A substantive edit is best for draft manuscripts or books by multiple authors that need to have a consistent tone or voice.

Editing to Grade Level

Editing to grade level is a specialized service we offer. Sometimes a report or summary might need to be simplified for a broader audience, including, for example, people who read at a high school level. We can simplify your writing and ensure that your publication conveys your intended message in language your readers can understand. 


Content Development

TalentMEDIA employs both writers and editors. Our writers help clients develop original content for websites, marketing collateral, and other published material. Any content that one of our writers provides goes through our standard proofreading and copyediting process.


For editorial inquiries, please contact Laurie Bonner, editorial director, at laurie@talentmediaservices.com.