Ensure, assure, or insure

All three words can mean to make sure of something, but they are not fully interchangeable. Do you know which verb goes in which space?

To Err Is Human—It’s What Comes Next That Matters

“Look at this!” Everyone in the darkened room gasped. We were at an editing conference, and the keynote speaker, a noted journalism expert, had placed a scan of a magazine cover on the display screen. A large, red circle drew attention to the mistake: “February” had been misspelled as “Febraury,” and the typo had gone

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6 Tips for Effective Proofreading

Can yuu raed htis? You probably can—because your brain is really good at autocorrecting. But that can be a problem when you’re trying to ferret out errors in copy. When you’re reading, you often infer the complete word you expect to see, not the letters that are actually on the page. It’s even harder when

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With social distancing and face-covering guidelines still in place, summer vacations are likely going to look a little different. But one thing will remain the same: At some point we all need a break. Whether it’s a staycation to enjoy some local hiking trails or a socially distanced trip to the beach, however you decide

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What to Do Before Going on Vacation

Everyone loves a vacation. But as we all know, sometimes the work-related stress that results from time off almost makes it not worth it—desperate messages from colleagues and clients, the mountain of emails to go through upon your return, and of course playing catchup; not to mention the stress put on your coworkers. But it

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Everything Revolves around a Schedule

As a project manager, I often spend my days making sure that projects meet their deadlines. In order for that to happen, I have to make sure everyone involved in that project meets the due dates I’ve assigned to them. That’s the biggest challenge of all. I’m beginning to think that the rise of the

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