Ensure, assure, or insure

All three words can mean to make sure of something, but they are not fully interchangeable. Do you know which verb goes in which space?

Happy 2021!

We are now well into a new year and things are starting to look a little more positive. January finally came after what seemed like the longest 2020 ever. Now February has come and gone. We celebrated Valentine’s day with our loved ones and probably treasured them a little more this year. Now it’s March,

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Holiday Cookies

Wow! It’s hard to believe that the 2019 holiday season is already here. No matter what holiday you celebrate, the one thing that most people love are cookies. They can be anything from an easy chocolate chip recipe you found on the package of chocolate chips, a homemade recipe passed down from generations, one you

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What’s In A Name?

For those of us in the communications industry, branding is huge. It’s how people know and recognize you. For our team, before we became TalentMEDIA we were a part of EEI. People would hear “EEI” and say, “I know you—you guys are the Editorial Experts! We always use your editors and designers!” We had 45

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The Power of “Suggestion”

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is a beloved institution—I suppose that’s why some of their recent changes have gotten such a strong reaction. I am certainly one of the museum’s admirers, spending many lovely days there with my artist mother. While I wait to get back there again, I’ll delve in

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Image is Everything

In today’s digitally advanced world, strong communication skills are a must, both professionally and personally. Organizations are starting to realize that the phrase “image is everything” applies today more than ever, as a strong online image could now very well be a deciding factor for success. With these changes, more and more millennials are capitalizing on organizational

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