Serial Decisions

The Oxford comma is one of the more confusing rules of grammar. That’s because it’s not really a rule. It’s more of a suggestion. Also known as the serial comma, the Oxford comma is used before the conjunction (usually “and” or “or”) in a series of three or more things: “Eggs come with a choice

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flamboyant flamingos

A flamboyance of flamingos

The English language is full of surprises. The other day I was reading about flamingos and was, well, tickled pink when I learned what a group of flamingos is called: A group of these leggy, gregarious pink birds is a flamboyant. The word “flamboyance” means “strikingly bold and showy,” a description that fits these birds

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Chatgpt Chat with AI or Artificial Intelligence technology, business use AI smart technology by inputting, deep learning Neural networks to understand, respond to user inputs. future technology

Even ChatGPT Agrees—AI Doesn’t Replace Human Editors

ChatGPT launched just last November, and already it seems like everyone has started worrying about how artificial intelligence programs like this one are going to affect our world—and maybe even take our jobs. I decided to take this question right to the source. Could ChatGPT replace human editors? Here is ChatGPT’s reply: While CHATGPT is an

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